Hints and secrets.

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Hints and secrets. Empty Hints and secrets.

Post by Doomzdave on Sat Nov 11, 2017 10:00 am

I really love this server and know there are secrets you want players to figure out. My feedback on this is to meet halfway at the very least, reason being is I have seen servers where things became impossible to find or new players never even knew they existed. So they got bored, and left the server. I know Darkspire is a thing here, I have only found it on Mid mainland. I have no clue where it is on Hib and Alb and spending hours looking for it with no results makes me not want to bother. I think it is fair to at least give the zone name of where it is. The average population is about 2-3 players Razz my 2 cents is extra content is great but it is also a waste of all your hard work if you devote too much to keeping it hidden and secret.


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